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About Us...


WHY MyMission?

No matter what stage of life we are in as women, we often struggle with balancing our "everyday" life with our Christian walk. Many of us have wondered...

How do I have a heart like His for people who are not like me or who I have trouble getting along with?

How do I spend my life, wherever I go, sharing the wholeness that can only be found in Him?

As a mom, how do I find time to "be still" before God?


As Christians, no matter what our numerical age may be, we can all be at different stages in our walk with Christ and that can lead us down similar paths, but at different times. When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior there is not a set time line of how or when you will respond to challenges, temptations or ministry opportunities.  It is our hope that through this group, we can help each other discover our path, through uplifting each other and others through mission opportunities, without judgment and criticism.

MyMission Broader Goals:

1. Praying for missions

2. Engaging in mission action and witnessing

3. Learning about missions

4. Supporting missions

5. Developing spiritually toward a missions lifestyle

6. Participating in the work of the church

More specific Goals:

-WORLD Issues affecting the world we live in, including 

current events, social justice, and stories of what God is 

doing around the world.

-LIFE Our families, friends, work environments, and 

schools— building community in these places as well as 

being a witness for Christ in our lives.

-JOURNEY Bible study, prayer, and spiritual growth that are the foundation for everything we do.


1.The women can read and interact with others on their

own time, as well as join us in conversation through 

our website discussion board email. We will engage in a

virtual Bible Study to grow and foster a connection 

between everyday lives and “Church” life. This also

enables women currently outside our church to learn about

what we do and join in, as the Lord calls them. Meetings are

less formal, being called as needed and where needed – 

at church, homes, Starbucks, etc.


2.Women of all ages come together to serve.

3.Women are encouraged to participate in a monthly

missions project thereby learning hands-on participation

in ministry projects is how we influence our world for 

Christ. We would assist in the collection of the monthly

 RBA assignments, as well as our own monthly project that 

comes from the passion and call of the women in the group.

4.Through myMISSION, women not only grow in their faith, 

they also grow their impact for Christ in the community around them!